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Goals and Purposes of the Wilderness Programs

To begin, multiple options have been made to provide therapeutic interventions for at risk youth like wilderness experience programs. According to Ruddell and Thomas, wilderness experience programs can include adventure-based therapy, wilderness therapy, outdoor behavioral healthcare, experimental learning, or education and wilderness boot camps (Ruddell...

The Transcending of Sylvia in A White Heron

Sarah Orne Jewett’s A White Heron is ultimately a short story about a choice. While that message is clear to the audience, there is an implication that goes deeper than simply choosing. In creating two sections for this short story, Jewett manages to cause confusion...

The Wildlife and Human Life in the Jungle

The mysterious jungle is known to be a home for many different species – and humans, unfortunately aren’t amongst them. In fact, when we hear the word jungle, we tend to run away from it as fast as possible. It sounds cozier to sit at...

Wilderness Search And Rescue Assigment

Introduction Nature is a beautiful thing that should be explored and persevered for the future generation, it does come with its challenges such as patient getting injured and exposure to elements in the environment can produce many types of emergencies. Emergency practitioners must be ready...

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