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Characteristics of the Different Whale Types

This project is about analyzing whales and how there specific features like length may make them more endangered compared to other whales species Gray whale Gray whales can reach length up to 46 ft or 14 meters Males whales are slightly smaller than females. The...

The Great Barrier Reef Susceptibility to Diseases

It was only around three years ago when a misleading and inaccurate “Great Barrier Reef Obituary” went viral, pronouncing the Earth’s largest living structure as dead. Fortunately, this turned out not to be the case, though the damage and severe bleaching that the reef has...

Exploring Definition and Spread of Marine Fungi

The first data of marine fungi came from 19th century studies which utilized microscopy- and culture-dependent approaches, such as growing organisms on organized media or on incubated samples collected from the marine environment.The vast definition for a marine fungus is “any fungus that is recovered...

Fish Species IdentifiCation: Species Discrimination And IdentifiCation, Body Elements IdentifiCation, Early Life History Stages Determination

Introduction Fish species identification is historically supported external morphological options, together with body form, pattern of colours, scale size and count, variety and relative position of fins, variety and kind of fin rays, or varied relative measurements of body elements. Gill rakers area unit generally...

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