How Animated Movie Finding Nemo Depicts Real Marine Life

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Finding Nemo is a movie that tells a story about a fish who was tired of his fathers coddling him and disobeyed him, leading him to being kidnapped by a fisherman and leading his father to a wild goose chase meeting a friend with short term memory problem along with him. There are a lot of fun facts within the movie and also some false things within the movie. Here, in this essay.

Watching the movie you will learn aquatic life in those biomes operate with the temperatures, environment, and the climate around the animals. some fish adapt differently and use different strategies to survive. There is a Food Chain that divides in three categories tertiary consumers, secondary consumers, & primary consumers. Pelican, Mako shark, the great white whale, & the Hammerhead shark are all animals that is on the highest level on a food chain that feeds on other carnivores. yellow tang, the 4 stripe damselfish,

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Moorish idol, & the puffer fish are the second under the food chain. Those animals eat primary consumers for energy, these animals are always herbivores, or organisms that only eat autotrophic plants. Lastly the Royal blue tang, Clownfish, Shrimp, & Jellyfish are the animals but also an organism that feeds on primary producers.

Majority of the film is based on a relationship the son & father has with one another. going through a journey to find nemo helps viewers that's watching understand the meaning of life for that lives in the ocean or an aquarium. The movie may get off track sometimes but it also help educate us. Fish that i never even seen or heard of before was shown & now i know where they come from & what part they play in the sea.

The characters in the movie gives a symbol of the animals in real life. Marlin & Nemo are clownfish that lives in an anemones which protect them from stings from the sea or other animals from attacks. Gill in the movie is a Moorish Idol Fish. that do not live in the ocean but is apart of the aquariums. they are able to be easily killed in captivity, most of them wouldn’t live for a week. They do not have a specific home but they do live in the indian Ocean, Red Sea, and all of the tropical Pacific. Bubbles is the Yellow Tang fish played in Nemo. those fish are also in the aquarium & is able to lose color due to a diet that doesn’t include enough plant matter.

Dory, the Paracanthurus hepatus fish. she seem to suffer from short term memory lost & lives in marine aquaria. the Mako Shark has two different alternative names, the Bonito Shark or The Blue Pointer. They live in the warm temperatures of the water located in the south or north areas.

Finding nemo is a great movie to show younger children in order for them to learn about animals, temperatures, survival, & climate when it comes to the ocean. It provides correct information & connects with real life. it has became a great rewarded animation movie & i recommend it for children to learn.

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