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“The Godfather”: Within and Beyond the Family 

The concept of family, at its most basic level, represents a sense of unity within the household. Within every family, there are distinct customs and ideals that are maintained. The familial environment often shapes a person’s character and values, at least in his/her youth. Whether...

Analysis Of the Visual Direction in Coppola's Movie "The Godfather"

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The Godfather is most notably one of the most prolific films of its time. This 'gangster' film displayed many transformations of permeating color to give the viewer observable cues in its mise en scene that drew one right into the movie. The dramatic acting set...

The Godfather and Saving Private Ryan: Exposing Issues in America

It is often said that “The Godfather” is an ironic interpretation of the American Dream. The film is an obvious reflection of the immigrant experience in America. The film focuses on one of the darker aspects of this experience. Throughout history, there have been many...

Film Comparison between The Godfather and Let the Bullets Fly

Introduction The film industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and Chinese films have gradually entered the international scene. Chinese films have not only made breakthroughs in production techniques, but also in content, which is also undeniably attractive and artistic. Let the Bullets Fly (2010)...

The Depiction Of Italian Cuisine In American Television And Cinema

For any Italian, there is no place more sentimental than the dinner table. The place, which is a constantly changing place of scenery, is so sentimental it borders holiness. From prosciutto to tiramisu, everything has been served in cinema and for a number of occasions....

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