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No Country for Old Men: Main Lines and Characters Analysis

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell spends the duration of the film chasing shadows, always a step or two behind Llewelyn and Chigurh. He is constantly disillusioned by the world he is in as he moves from crime scene to crime scene, feeling more and more isolated...

The Myth of the Western in ​No Country For Old Men​ and ​The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

It is no secret that classical western film paint a less than accurate depiction of early-20th century western life. The decline of the western, subsequently, marks a parallel decline of romanticism for western environments and characters; enter, then, the “neo-western,” which offers a critical glimpse...

Literary Analysis of Dreams in No Country for Old Men

The book ̈No Country for Old Men ̈ by Cormac McCarthy isn't the average western - the good guy doesn't come out on top or get to live, the bad guy gets escapes and in the end there is no big gunslinging skirmish, but instead...

Cormac McCarthy's Works Made into Adaptations

The Pulitzer Prize is an American award that is given for achievements in literature, newspaper, online journalism, and musical composition. It is also arguably the most prestigious award that a book or novelist can receive. One of the authors who have had the honor of...

Lack of Authority in Cormac McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men

The novel No Country For Old Men takes place in the desert area near the Texas-Mexico border. It is a time of destruction between gangs and civilians when some money comes up missing. The readers are introduced to Llewelyn Moss, he is the main protagonist...

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