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The Nile River and Ancient Life

The Nile River is the longest river in the world. It is 4,238 miles long. Most people lived close to the river, because the rich soil was good for growing crops. According to Britannica, the Nile river was “... a vital waterway for transport, especially...

Analysis Of The Geographical Position And Features Of Egypt

In this essay I going to speak about Egypt's geography, its latitude and longitude coordinates are 26.8206° N, 30.8025° E and Cairo (the capital city) is 30° 2' N, 31° 14' E. It is located in North-East Africa, and it has borders with the Red...

Nile River: The Compass of Egyptian Society

Egyptian society has been around this world for a while and they have managed to make the best of it. This society is rich in culture, heritage and inventions, we go from the creators of the sundials (Barnett, 1999, P.16) to the masterminds of the...

The Nile River: Religion and Practices of Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians are some of the most intellectual peoples of our history. They’ve built amazing cities and statues that are still being explored today. Among these statues and cities are their creations of art and depictions of beliefs. Their religion and practices are considerably complex...

The Nile River Meets the Mediterranean Sea

North East on the African continent, about 150km from the Mediterranean coast line lies the depocenter of the Nile River system, The Nile Delta. It encompasses about 22000km 2 making up most of the Egyptian arable land. It is also gas-producing area of Egypt. The...

Major Environmental Legal Case: Dispute Over The River Nile

Introduction With the water quality degrading or the quantity available having to meet the rising demands of the populations over time, competition among water users has intensified. This is nowhere more destabilizing than in river basins that cross political boundaries. They have mostly led to...

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