The Growth of Nuclear Energy in India's Energy Industry

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Energy is the workhorse of any society and the very foundation of the worldwide economy. It is an instrument to accomplish prosperity and development of the general public. Everyone of the nations of the world need to work on the whole to secure energy sources and furthermore need to work on whole to diminish the impact of non non-sustainable energy sources on climate and people groups.

The energy sector plays a very significant role in the economic advancement of a nation. It is the fundamental neccessity for economic growth and is basic for all life supporting activities while energy security has consistently been a crucially important concern in all the nations, countries have turned out to be gradually aware of challenge of ensuring the development of sector in environmentaly kind manner.

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At present greater part of the world nations have turned out to be completely aware of the fact about the role and significance of various energy resources in satisfying the necessities of present and the future generation and for that they have connected with themselves in investments and broad research on policy making and devising different strategies.

Energy is fundamental to achieve the inter-related economic, social, and ecological objectives of sustainable human development. The interconnection between utilisation of energy and economic growth has been a subject of more noteworthy investigation as energy is regarded to be one of the significant main thrusts of economic growth in all economies. Energy has been globally perceived as one of the most significant catalysts for economic growth and human advancement. It assumes a key role in the economic development of nation. However, worldwide increase in the consumption of energy has prompted the lack of non renewable enrgy resources. This has brought about the in the requirement for searching different options for energy resources producing clean energy.

India’s energy policy has a need on developing alternative sources of energy, specifically nuclear, solar and wind energy. India’s energy market is one of the world’s quickest developing business sector. It is expected to be 2nd biggest contributor to the expansion in worldwide energy demand by 2035, which will represent 18% of the rise in worldwide energy consumption. With India’s growing energy demands and lacking domestic fuel reserves, nation has dynamic plans to extend its sustainable energy resources and most worked out atomic power program.

Among various energy sources, nuclear energy has a unique position and at present numerous atomic power plants are operating in different parts of the world. It is one of the largest sources of energy without pollutant emanations and furthermore they do not produce any air pollutants or green house gases that break ozone layer and act as hazard for our atmosphere. By using this energy we will safeguard clean air, keep up continental conditions and avoid acid rains also.

Meaning of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is the energy stored in the nucleus of atom. Atoms being smallest particles can break a material. At the core of each atom neutrons and protons are held together. Nuclear energy is energy that holds neutrons and protons and can be used to generate electricity. This energy can be obtained by two processes i.e. Nuclear Fusion and Nuclear Fission. In Nuclear Fusion two hydrogen atoms consolidate to produce one helium atom. This response happens consistently in the sun, which provides solar energy to us and in Nuclear Fission splitting occurs, when a nuclear fissions, it breaks into several lighter fragments.

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