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Pretreatment And Enzymatic Saccharification From Watermelon Peel

Watermelon fruit (Citrullus Lanatus) belongs to family Cucurbitaceae. The origin of this fruit is coming from southern Africa. Johor has the biggest watermelon plantation in Malaysia. Watermelon can be referred to as a tropical fruit as people always eat them during hot weather in other...

Research on the Use of Banana Peels as an Alternative Floorwax

Acknowledgement The analysts might want to recognize and express their most profound gratefulness to their selves who took an interest by gathering to complete the Investigatory Project. And furthermore, to our dearest gatekeepers who's been strong to proceed with our Research. The analyst might want...

Efficacy of Banana Peel as an Alternative Wood in Pencil

According to Mohiuddin et al. (2014) in Bangladesh, the banana pseudostem— regardless of being the hazardous waste, has been used in several countries to construct bio-products like fabric, fibre to make yarn, fish feed, apparel as well as fertilizer, paper, handcrafts, candy, pickled, bio-chemicals, etc....

Decreasing Food Waste with Potato Peel Powder

Food wastes and by-products have become concerned as according to Wadhwa and Bakshi (2013), by-products arise from fruits and vegetables cause environmental pollution as it either discarded into rivers or landfills or used as fertilizer. As potato is commonly used in the processing of food...

The Various Methods of Using Peel in Food

To peel or not to peel? That’s the (not so simple) question. Naked Lunch: The Power of the Peel The Power of the Peel We all know the benefits of eating lots of fruits of veggies. But guess what? You may be peeling away the...

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