Efficacy of Banana Peel as an Alternative Wood in Pencil

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According to Mohiuddin et al. (2014) in Bangladesh, the banana pseudostem— regardless of being the hazardous waste, has been used in several countries to construct bio-products like fabric, fibre to make yarn, fish feed, apparel as well as fertilizer, paper, handcrafts, candy, pickled, bio-chemicals, etc. The banana waste utilization is a helping hand to the farmers, planners, entrepreneurs, scientists, to be a proper initiatives in socioeconomic improvement for a country. It is also demandable in local markets which will benefit and provide the national economy to an adroit welfare.

Yusafa et. al (2015) supported almost all the large solid waste production, end up in rivers, lakes and burn out. Plastic material is not the only waste material. The abundant waste of banana peel is contributed by the agricultural by product bases. The banana peel waste contribute to the subsisting environmental problems because it is usually disposed in municipal landfills. But the problem can come back by applying its high-added value compounds, including bio-product of mulching film, bio- absorbent and as ingredient of fish food. People used banana in many ways but disposed the peel. The banana can grow all along the year and basically the peels too. The study is about fertilizer and environmental clean up bio-product. A lot of people don't know that the waste banana peel can be recycled by using it as a fertilizer.

Yadav et. al (2016) discussed about banana peel has the characterization of being a non-toxic to human cells as classified by the National Cancer Standard Institute (2002) and as a result, it is stated that it can be safely used as a antioxidant for value addition. Banana peel has different composition that can be useful for our health such as crude protein (6- 9%), crude fat (3.8-11%), total dietry fibre (43-49.7%), banana peel is also a rich source of starch (3%), it also has different acids and proteins such as poly saturated fatty acid particularly linolic acid and á linolic acid, pectin, essential amino acid like threonine, valine phynylalanine and micro nutrients as listed by Emaga et al. (2007). Not only that, because it can also be a good source of lignin (6-12%), pectin (10-21%), cellulose (7.6-9.6%), Hemicelluloses (6.4-9.4%) and Galactouronine acid. Moreover, glucose, galactose, arabinose, rhamnose and xylose are all present on the pectin that can be extracted from the banana peel, Emaga et al. (2008). It is also said that micro nutrients like Fe and Zn has the higher concentration on the peels than on what is found on the pulps Devey et al. (2009). However, banana peel is not also important for its chemical contents but it is also useful for different purposes like for banana oil extraction. It is very clear that banana peel is not worthy to be just thrown on the garbage because not only that, according to Archibald et al. (1949) banana peel can also be used for food flavorings. Different studies strengthen the other usage of the banana peels as Faturoti et al (2006) added that banana peels are used for wine preparations. Peels are actually used in ethanol production and as substrate for biogass production Ilori et alm (2007). In addition, the peel ash are used as fertilizers for banana plants and it is also a source of alkali that is needed for soap production. And lastly, the banana peels are also used for water treatment on water treatment plants.

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Ganiron (2013) discussed about the vapor porousness estimations of sawdust and banana strips utilize board contrasted with the done situated strand board and to know the proficiency of the item through the board items. The various materials have particular drying efficiencies under various humidities. This examination is tied in with finding a waste item, elective for wood material due to the appeal of wood assets, and it is causing deforestation and wrecking ranger service. Sawdust (or wood shavings) is a side-effect or waste result of carpentry activities, for example, sawing, processing, planing, directing, penetrating and sanding. It is made out of fine particles of wood. It is the primary segment of particleboard. Wood residue is a type of particulate issue, or particulates. A banana strip, likewise called banana husk is the external covering of the banana natural product. Banana strips are utilized as nourishment for creatures, in water refinement, for assembling of a few biochemical items. Both the sawdust and banana strip are a waste material that can be utilized as an option for wood material.

According to Annatu et al. (n d.) the banana plant filaments are sinewy development of pseudo-stems and leavesleft over after banana development. The leftover source is wealthy in cellulose, anelement that has pulled in a lot of intrigue in view of the potential usage ofsuch materials as a fortifying segment in composite materials. Regular fiber has a low thickness and low quality as contrastwith built strands anyway with the help of fiber treatments,mechanical properties are improved. Banana strands are taken a gander at through their applications and in this way it is construed that the banana filaments give betterchemical arrangement and properties. Molecule sheets have a gigantic effect in the business. It very well may be used as aceiling, furniture, sub check material and different various employments.

Particleboards can be made in various sizes, thickness and densities. Evenso, there are issues with these realized molecule sheets. Molecule sheets aresubstantially utilized in the business; notwithstanding, it has poor dimensional stability.In an investigation, high warmth treatment after surface use of stringy material was used with an end goal to improve physical and mechanical properties of aparticleboard. It demonstrated a negative impact on static twisting yet a betterinternal security quality.

Earth neighborly materials are winding up more broadly utilized as webecome increasingly mindful of outcomes in the utilization of standard practices in modern generation. This prompts the developing inclination of using natural rawmaterials and utilizing them for creation of molecule sheets. Numerous materials areused in planning of particleboards that incorporate waste tea leaves, bagasse strands, bambooand rice husks and banana plant.

In this study, the researchers found out that the bananas are really crowd-pleasing in local markets, not only the banana itself, but its flesh and the plant could give benefit to manufacture a new product as well. The first argument explains that the banana pseudostem (part of the banana plant) is the hazardous waste yet it has been used for bio-products materials specified above. It was also mentioned the importance of waste management by reusing the banana peels which provide an unforeseen use to make a good product. Nonetheless, the characteristics shown above of banana plant and its flesh will make a great use for manufacturing and for other bio-products that could lead us into convenience way of living and have felicity, not just for humans and also for the environment.

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