Essay Samples on Ecology

Panda Conservation Groups In China

Introduction I choose this topic about the Conserving panda in china because there only about 1600 pandas around the world, because of in the southwestern part of china are separated, causing panda to spread in patches, there cannot come to exchange DNA and another reason…

Ecocriticism In Amitav Ghosh’s Novel The Hungry Tide

Eco-criticism in The Hungry Tide is analysed from the concept of ‘nature’, interdependencies of life forms, eco-system, ecological niche, myth and the notion of epiphany. The word ‘ecology’ is usually connected with the ‘green movement’. The bio-centric idea of the theory postulates that the non-human…

Development Of Advanced and Hybrid Refrigeration Systems To Tackle Various Environmental Problems And Preserve The Ozone Layer

Аbstrаct With the mаndаte of Montreаl Protocol bаnning ozone depleting substаnces, аnd Kyoto Protocol lаter on curtаiling the use of substаnces which contribute to globаl wаrming, conventionаl refrigerаnts аre to be replаced by environment friendly working fluids. With help of reseаrch аnd innovаtion, this pаper…

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