Discussion of Whether There Is a Positive Co-Existence Between Technology and Ecology

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Our planet earth has seen some better days when we speak of technological revolution and advancements. This has harmed our ecology not once but several times. When our environment is harmed, we are the once who receive the impacts of that damage thereby prompting us to look for some ways of tackling this menace. Technology is growing and we cant do away with it since we also benefit from it. This, therefore, calls us to create some balance between technology and ecology. The following are some of the ways of making sure that this happens.

Technology is also aiding in preserving our ecology by some of the means that are still upcoming. This is helping to impact our environment positively as well as aiding in developing the technology. This, therefore, means that we are achieving win-win situations for both technology and ecology. So then, how does technology impact ecology positively?

The new technology is coming up with many ways of providing sustainability in our environment. This includes producing biodegradable products that are actually reusable. This aids in reducing environmental pollution and also reduces waste levels by greater margins. Some of the countries worldwide are currently embracing the use of other eco-friendly carrier bags to replace the plastic bags that are harmful to the environment. This helps to conserve our environment and also stirs up new ideas to come up with sustainable carrier bags.

The satellites have also been customized to give some early warnings concerning fire breakouts in the forests and the parks. This aids in saving our trees and the soil, as well as the animals from greater damage since the fire, can be tamed easily at an early stage. The satellites collect information on heat and pressure changes as well as taking photos to warn of any upcoming fire outbreaks.

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Many industries and some big cruise ships do not use coal anymore as their basic source of energy. There are other alternative sources of energy like nuclear energy and electricity. This has reduced the levels of pollution tremendously thus conserving and preserving our environment.

Technology improvements in Construction is also ecology-conscious. There are a lot of improvements in construction as far as technology is concerned. Something to smile about is that these adjustments also consider our ecology in their partaking. There are several eco-friendly improvements in construction that we seem to enjoy today thanks to the new adjustments in technology.

One of the improvements includes smart buildings. These smart buildings enhance in conserving our environment by reducing energy consumption. It is, therefore, the use of automation in these buildings that helps them to be self-sustainable in some way. The use of robotics and IoT helps the owners to perform certain tasks remotely. This is beneficial to our environment since pollution is highly reduced and energy is greatly conserved.

The green buildings also come in handy to solve the ecology damage that has been going on from the ancient constructions. The use of solar panels provides some clean energy that is eco-friendly for home consumption. These buildings also have well-set tools to help collect and harvest rainwater hence reducing wastage. This is such good news since these green buildings aid a lot in conserving and preserving our environment. These buildings also integrate planting crops on the rooftops and the balconies as well. This aids in keeping the near environment serene as well as preserving some of the plant species.

Technology is also making milestones in the Transport industry as far as the environment is concerned. The new technology is also impacting the travel industry positively in terms of environmental conservation. The introduction of ecological vehicles and ecological planes are some of the improvements that we are enjoying today in this sector. In the ecological vehicles, for instance, there is a tremendous improvement in terms of the engine and the fuel used as well. The old engines are being substituted by hybrid ones that are eco-friendly and aid in preserving the environment. Another improvement is the use of biofuel to replace the fossil fuel. This has aided in creating a sustainable environment that is safe for us and for our future generations.

Airbus and Boeing are also working hard to reduce the negative effects airplanes have on the environment. They have therefore improved airplanes a lot in terms of their consumption and the noise emission. The noise pollution has been reduced greatly and there is so much conservation of energy as well by this plane due to the reduction of fuel consumption.

To end up, new tech is continuing to impact our ecology positively and we are still hoping for more positive impacts on our environment. We are moving into a sustainable future and no one is being left behind. Together we will usher a new dawn into our ecology.  

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