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Risks of Oil and Gas Extraction in Denmark on the Economy and Environment

Oil and gas are the souls of energy. Energy is essential for human development, it powers our lives and the functioning of our world. Certainly, it is indispensable but it is also hard to obtain, consequently, its costs are overly high. Throughout the years, governments...

Hydraulic Fracturing'S Impact On Citizens In Gasland Part 2

‘Gasland Part 2(2013)” is a documentary which documents the impact of the gas boom of fracking or hydraulic fracturing. Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is using huge volumes of water and sand laced with chemicals to flush the gas from rock formations. This enables America to...

Environmental and Geological Impacts of Oil Fracturing

Oil is one of the substances that literally fuel our world. Without out, most cars wouldn’t be able to run, and we wouldn’t have many of the useful items we have today. But what sort of impact does oil have on the world in terms...

A Project On Hydraulic Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’, is a method used by drilling engineers to stimulate or improve fluid flow from rocks in the subsurface. In brief, the technique involves pumping a water-rich fluid into a borehole until the fluid pressure at depth causes the rock to fracture,...

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