Essay Samples on Environmental Ethics

The Hardships in Adapting to Eco-Friendly Dental Care Solutions and the Benefits of Dentistry Going Green

Dentistry is going Green?! There are a number of eco-friendly disruptions brought on by socially minded groups that are happening in dentistry that are highlighting my dental practice’s competitive vulnerabilities, while at the same time representing opportunities to turn those vulnerabilities into sustainable competitive advantages...

The Timless Value of Florence Nightingale's Environmental Model

Introduction Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Model has interpreted how environmental factors could influence the healthy living process of an organism, and how we could utilize the environmental factors for help preventing, suppressing or reliving the diseases and deaths (Nightingale, 1860). Although the Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Model...

The Ecological Wisdom and Its Implementation

The term ecological wisdom or ‘ecosophy’ was introduced by Norwegian ecologist, Arne Næss in 1972. It is a philosophy of ecological harmony or equilibrium or wisdom of place, or a new name for a human attitude toward nature, which the human species has accumulated in...

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