Essay Samples on Bangladesh

Adaptive Measures Of Disaster In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country. Every year different climatic hazard occur in this tropical area. In the natural location of our country we are most affected of such calamities. There are an ample scope of devastation of lives and property due to different natural calamities….

Implementation Of Air Policies

The air value in Bangladesh has been on its last legs over the years at an alarming rate. It worsens extensively during its winter season. It’s so much worse that five among the top 10 cause of death in Bangladesh is correlated to air contamination,…

Petroleum Refining In Bangladesh

In general Trade means the exchange of goods and services between two or more parties in consideration of money or money’s worth, however Commerce means exchange of goods and services between the parties along with the activities such as insurance, transportation, warehousing, advertising etc that…

Profitability Determinants Of Banks In Bangladesh

Banking institutions have a vital role to perform financial activities of economies. They dealt with financial instruments, payment mechanism, transfer and management of risk, assurance of transparency in financial markets and activity that assess the behavior of financial institutions. Particularly, Islamic banks have maintained its…

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