Revealing the Fascinating Complexity of the Seasons of Our Nature

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You may think seasons are simple and easy to understand. But seasons are harder than you think to understand. Season actually have to do with the earth's axis how far we are from the sun. Also are orbit path around the sun and the way the earth tilts towards the sun plus why the earth tilts the way it does. There is also the simple parts of the season which is colder or the warmest and why. Plus what the seasons are named after.

What are seasons? Seasons are parts of the year that normally hit the same temperature or same weather in a pattern during the year.Know there are 4 season dived in 365 day which is a year the four seasons are spring, summer, fall and winter. Those are the 4 seasons in the year.

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What causes seasons? Seasons are caused by the earth's rotation and tilt and are path around the sun the path we take is not perfectly even. So there is farther side and a closer side you might be wondering what does this have to do with seasons? Well and the farther side its winter. On the closer side it is summer. This is because the closer to the sun the hotter it is. So the farther it is the colder.

Why does the earth tilt? Scientist have studied why the earth tilts they have came to a answer that when the earth was young it was hit by a meteor which exploded a big chunk of the earth off which is know are moon, but without this big chunk it is not even causing the earth to tilt. In the order which we call seasons. This tilt makes it were the sun only hits part of a place causing it to get colder or warmer. Based where the sun faces and where the earth is at its tilt or rotation.

What is behind seasons names? Most seasons names have to do with greek mythology. For example winter is named after a plant that grew in the winter called wentruz so named winter after wentruz.spring was named after vegetables because spring mans vegetables springing from ground. That also was from greek.In old english summer or sumor. Summer means hot so they named the hottest time of year summer after sumor. Fall has three names harvest the least common,autumn and fall the most common. Harvest was named for the year were you have to harvest as much crops before winter. Autumn came from a french word that is autompne and autompne meant to increase. Fall was because leafs fall because its about to start winter.

So now you now why season are a little more complicated than you think they are because the planets and greek. Also a little bit of science plus what the seasons names actually mean too and why. 

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