Causes of Air Pollution and Its Effect on Human Living

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First of all, we wrote introduction in our report on the topic which is really a problem creating issue now a days i.e. air pollution which can be defined as the presence of toxic chemicals or compounds (including those of biological origin) in the air, at levels that pose a health risk. Air pollution is one of the biggest threats for the environment and affects everyone: humans, animals, crops, cities, forests, aquatic ecosystems. 

Introduction to our problem includes the history of the problem which means that how this problem originates, how it effects the life of living things and then we have discussed the area of intense which means that in which areas this problem is increasing day by day. Then we discussed the variables which means the definition of the terms which we used in our report. The main reason why we wrote this report is that we want to get rid of this immense problem and we want everyone to know that how this problem is increasing day by day and how this is effecting our daily routine life and we want to acknowledge our society that by taking what steps we can get minimize this problem in our society. 

We have discussed above the main causes of air pollution and its effect on human living. Emission of many air pollutants is also a source of carbon dioxide which is destroying the atmosphere. Air pollution is disturbing the fetal growth in many areas. The toxicity of chemicals is adversely affecting the infant growth. In second review, air pollution is causing many respiratory diseases. In urban areas, disease like asthma, stroke, heart disease and lung cancer is more often. This was then end of our introduction.

After that we wrote hypothesis and then we took abstract from two researches which someone else did on this topic and we supported our hypothesis with some findings and to give a general idea of what we did in the whole report we wrote executive summary which is the overview of our report. After all that we summed up our report by writing a conclusion at the end which supports our hypothesis.

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Air pollution occurs when harmful or excessive quantities of substances including gases, particles, and biological molecules are introduced into Earth's atmosphere. It may cause diseases, allergies and even death to humans; it may also cause harm to other living organisms such as animals and food crops, and may damage the natural environment.

Air pollution is caused when toxic gases, fumes and dust particles are introduced into atmosphere which makes it harmful to plant, animals and humans. The earth is surrounded by a thick layer of gases called atmosphere which protects us from the intense heat from sun and allow life to exist. It maintains the temperature on earth and protect from harmful rays from sun.

Any addition gas or dust particle which may be introduced to the atmosphere either by human activity or by natural way can affect the life on earth and can cause air pollution. The main pollution is often produced by asphalt protocols from a volcanic explosion. Particles or gases that pollute the air are called pollutants. These pollutants include gaseous wastes from factories sulfur oxides, carbon monoxides, hydrocarbons, gases from vehicles, wind erosion, sand and dust particles that can evaporate and enter the atmosphere.

Pollutants that are introduced directly to air in their primary states to make air unclean are called primary pollutants. They include sulfur dioxide from combustion of coal and carbon monoxide from vehicles. Secondary pollutants are those which combine to some other chemicals to form another air pollutant. Smog and photochemical is an example of secondary pollutants. Air pollution can be caused by both human and natural activity. Air pollution caused by natural events include volcanic eruption, wing erosion, pollen dispersal, natural radioactivity, forest fires etc. following are the causes or air pollution caused by human activities:

Transportation has become an important part of our lives. Cars, heavy trucks, airplanes, ship vessels use a lot of fossil fuels which contain both primary and secondary pollutants. This is because people rely on vehicles for transportation. And this has become a major cause of air pollution which is difficult to manage. These gases from vehicles contain carbon monoxides, hydrocarbons which further combine with other chemicals and make much toxic fumes. This causes many breathing diseases.

Manufacturing factories have long tube vessels which release toxic gases directly into the air. These gases include high levels carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and organic compounds. This happens almost everywhere. Petroleum refineries also release hydrocarbons in the air. Metal refineries release lead which damages the nervous system.

The aquatic life is suffering huge problems dur to air pollution as the temperature and global warming is increasing due to the addition of CFCs in the air, the temperature of water is increasing rapidly due to which the oxygen is depleting in the water by which it is becoming impossible for the aquatic life to survive. The ozone layer is continuously depleting due to the addition of Chlorofluorocarbons now as CFCs in the air as a result of which the harmful rays from the sun are directly passing through the layer and reaching the earth which results in the increase of temperature and continuous weather pattern change.

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