Negative Effects Of Noise Pollution

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High noise level has great impact on human health. There are various ways in which noise pollution effects the human health that are listed below.

  • Hearing problems
  • Poor cognitive function
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Mental health problem
  • Trouble communicating

Hearing problem

Ear, the most essential organ of the body may be damaged by the noise. Hearing impairment because of noise pollution can either be brief or permanent. When the sound level increases up to 70 dB mark, it become noise for ear. When the noise level increases above the 80 decibels, it produces harmful effect to the ear. But when the ear is exposed to the sound above 100 decibels for significant period of time, it can cause a permanent hearing lose.

Poor cognitive function

With the ordinary exposure to the loud noise, the capability to study, learned and understand decreases extensively over the time. Problem solving capabilities and the ability to recall may also decline due to the frequent bombardment of noise. According to the researchers, children that studying in noisy environment tend to show the relatively low cognitive function.

Cardiovascular issuesLoud noise can also cause the heart related diseases. Studies have shown that, high intensity of sound can cause an increase the rate of blood pressure, as high intensity of sound constrict the arteries, interrupting the blood flow. Number of heart beat also increases. These unexpected extraordinary changes in the blood increases the cardiovascular diseases in a long run.

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Sleep disturbance

Difficulty in sleeping dur to the continuous exposure of the high decibels of sound can limits your ability to work well. Loud noise can interrupt a great night time’s sleep and when this happens, the person feels extremely uncomfortable. The uninterrupted sleep can lead to the extreme fatigue, and this could substantially lower the someone’s ability to work efficiently.

Mental health problem

Exposure to the loud sound can cause increased the stress level as well as also change the behavior. A constant noise in the place can also cause the headaches, make the people stressful and nervousness and disturb the emotional balance.

Trouble communicating

A sound of 50-60 decibels in a noisy environment not allowed the two persons to communicate with each other. Such a loud noise may cause misunderstanding.

Effect of noise pollution on wildlife

Wildlife animals face more problems than humans because the mostly rely on sound. Animals survival depend on sound therefore they have good sense of hearing. Pets face many behavioral problems by the continuous household noise. Naturally, animals suffering from loss of hearing, which help them to prey easily and cause decrease in population. Noise pollution badly effect the ecosystem balance. Many species use different sounds for mating, but the noise pollution make them unable to listen these calls. As a result, they can’t reproduce and the number of populations automatically decreases. Some migratory animals rely on sound waves for migration, on disturbing, these animals not migrate and they depart easily and cannot migrate when they should. Noise disturb the feeding and breeding pattern of many animals, and lead to the extinction of various species. Noise pollution lead to the migration of birds which disturbs the ecosystem. Effect of noise pollution on marine animalsNoise pollution also effects the marine life. Many marine animals like whale use hearing for finding of food, for communication, for defend and survival. Loud noise causes serious injury and death to whales.

Effect of noise pollution on plant and trees

Human noise can have more effect on plant and trees. Many of the plant and tress rely on birds and other animals that help them in pollination and also help them in seed dispersal. This unpleasant noise makes the animal to change their behavior or they may move to less noisy areas. Hence the noise changing the plant and trees environment that rely on noise effected animals. This effect may be long lasting, more for that trees which take more time to grow.

Many of trees such as pine trees might experience to decrease in number because many animals and birds are move away from noisy areas which help them in pollination. Noise pollution critically effected the ecosystem.

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