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History Of Film’s Soundtrack Technology

As the years progressed with technology, a film’s soundtrack, was usually then recorded separately; an example is where lip movement had to be matched with the same speed as the dialogue and synced correctly for it to come across as believable. Pudovkin claims that sound...

Visual Stimuli And Divergent Thinking In The Mixing Process

Introduction Mixing is an expertly intuitive practice – that activates neural responses that transmit multimodal perceptions, especially audio-visual perception – whereby a mixing engineer is tasked to solve technical disparities surrounding an input signals frequency response, amplitude and spatial image, as well as make creative...

Negative Effects Of Noise Pollution

High noise level has great impact on human health. There are various ways in which noise pollution effects the human health that are listed below. Hearing problems Poor cognitive function Cardiovascular issues Sleep disturbance Mental health problem Trouble communicating Hearing problem Ear, the most essential...

Noise Pollution And Its Sources

Sound, a normal feature of our life, is a source of communication and entertainment in most animals such as in human beings. The sound may low or may be high.The low sound may be pleasant but the high sound is unpleasant. This annoying or unpleasant...

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