Electric Cars or Public Conveyance to Reduce Air Pollution

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Let’s contemplate the killers, which subsist or subsisted in the world. I am not about people, not about wars; I am about illnesses. Cough, asthma, burning ocular perceivers and cancer are a scourge of current generation. Where do these terrible illnesses emanate from? The answer lies in the post. They emanate from air pollution, which is ubiquitous.

Air pollution is a coalescence of particles and gases, which may harm you when you are outside or indoors. It is killing about 7 million people a year, in comparison with traffic accidents, in which more than a million people are dying every year. People spend hundreds of billions in order to fortify traffic safety, but they are still repining on a dirty air. There is an old Russian saying for this situation: “the nasal discerner pulled, the tail goes”. The verbal expression denotes that preserving something kills the thing that had been preserved afore. So, the decrementations of traffic accidents make people forget about the quandary of air pollution.

There are an abundance of types of fuel, for example, petrol, diesel, coal and others. The fuel is utilized in the conveyances and factories. The solving of this immensely colossal quandary is thoroughly facile. People can forsake the subsistence of a personal car, start getting to their work by foot, utilize bicycle, electric cars or public conveyance to reduce air pollution.

Chemistry achieved its top in engendering different agriculture elements. Insecticides, fertilizers and pesticides are utilized every day and cause sundry types of the pollution. Despite the fact of utilization them in the growing of fruits and vegetables, these deleterious products get into our body and incite illnesses connected with the stomach. I recommend people to give up the grocery in the shops, and commence utilizing markets and their own garden plots.

The factories and industries are ubiquitous, because the progress of people’s conceptions has developed a lot in the recent time. These industrial facilities exhaust many hazardous gasses and chemicals, which cost a wide range of solemn and health quandaries. I cerebrate that the commencement of zero waste life may decrease the number of factories and industries which don’t provide the world with green products.

Variants of equipment, which are acclimated to consummate mining operations, cause inimical particles, chemicals and dust. The immensely colossal scale of air pollution may damage people, who work in the department of mining operations or live nearby the mines. In my opinion, the solution of that quandary is plenarily automated process and providing incipient living places for other people.

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People came to the conception of utilizing fireworks many years ago. At the first look this conception was great. The fireworks could make each holiday more effulgent and more hysterical. Suddenly, not everybody cares about our earth and the millions of crackers are utilized every year on the festivals like Diwali and Incipient Year. The fireworks cause a plethora of dust and particles which make our air dirtier each year. The only way to solve this quandary is to reluct fireworks and believe that the festival can be astonishing without them.

Every person in the world refers to this global problem. Many adults believe that a necessity of care after our environment is not essential. On the other hand, for grownups this topic is more necessary then even for teens. The issue must be described and explained to every child while they are on a bringing up process.

As I noticed, the youth wants to save the Earth more than all previous generations. I have few guesses why, but the main point is fashion. People, especially young ones, always want to be in the centre of attention. The verification of the root of this disaster is the following. It has all started when people invented fuels, factories, chemistry activities and etc. People started using the stuff which was not recommended to. Purchases of that became popular and wide spread things immediately. 

Everybody was worrying about buying new spray or trying unavailable before fuel. Human began being connected to air pollution, which was fashionable even 50 years ago. Prominence and an opportunity of becoming famous turn a deaf ear. What is going on now? However, the situation’s changed. Being sporty and in a good shape is vital right now. Using shopping bags from cotton, avoiding of purchasing sprays and other harmful “needs”, preferring eco-cars are off the beaten track. These ideas are fresh and they haven’t been used before. These ideas are fashionable. I am happy for that. The world heeds to get it, it needs to become fresher.

Few days ago I came up with an idea of a new school subject. In my country children from 3 years old to seventeen study life-skills education. We watch videos, read books and discuss dangerous situations and how to act when you are in the one. The earth gets in the worse position every day; people die because of the air pollution. I can suggest an idea to change people’s minds. What I want to change is children’s toys. I mean, the biggest part of babies has plastic toys and plays with them for a long period of time. 

The toys from bright fabric or wood are less in demand, but more ecological and won’t harm kid’s health. In addition, I suggest a school subject which will provide an eco-knowledge for children of all ages. Primary school could have some educational and entertaining activities, where you need to utilize trash correctly. Teens could make some large projects using digital technologies. In my opinion, eco-grammar should be learnt as a mandatory subject. Because only quotidian chores may become a “habit for planet”. 

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