Essay Samples on Cars

The Development of New Car Models in BMW

For millions of car enthusiasts around the world, the BMW M3 is the ultimate expression of driving experience. Spanning over 30 years, five generations, and with several engine configurations, it has been one of the most successful performance cars. It combines power, balance, refinement and...

The History of Street Racing

Street Racing is an illegal form to race cars on public roads. Street racing is one of the best sports that has become more famous over the years. Some people like racing on public roads, but in the end it might be dangerous. If you...

Vanet - Optimal Route In Finding Petrol Station In Oman

Research Proposal The system can be used as mobile-based application that allow driver search for nearest petrol station online. Drivers are the only beneficiaries of this application to determine the nearest oil station to their current location when the oil ratio is low. This application...

Understanding the Fundamentals of the Lemon Law

Consumer Protection: State Lemon Laws Every day someone sets out on a journey to purchase a car. Luckily when searching for the perfect car for yourself, you do not have to purchase brand new off the lot. Often times when previous car owners no longer...

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