Essay Samples on Cars

Innovation Towards Vehicles: Analysis Of Tesla Electronic Car

Tesla’s first car, the Roadster, released in 2008, changed people’s imagination of Elecrtonic Vechiles(EV), which was small-size and low-speed. Roadster looks like a fancy sport car at the same time, it also offers fast-speed and powerful acceleration as well as high performance in the range…

Understanding the Fundamentals of the Lemon Law

Consumer Protection: State Lemon Laws Every day someone sets out on a journey to purchase a car. Luckily when searching for the perfect car for yourself, you do not have to purchase brand new off the lot. Often times when previous car owners no longer…

The Future Of Motor Cars

Nowadays there are many ways of transportation but auto is the most used way. We can see it running on streets, situated one to eight have 4 tires, and basically used by persons to transport from one place to another. Cars got globally in the…

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