Innovation Towards Vehicles: Analysis Of Tesla Electronic Car

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Tesla’s first car, the Roadster, released in 2008, changed people’s imagination of Elecrtonic Vechiles(EV), which was small-size and low-speed. Roadster looks like a fancy sport car at the same time, it also offers fast-speed and powerful acceleration as well as high performance in the range for one charge, which is an important parameter for EV. Range anxiety is one of the serious problems facing EV makers and EV users- EV users are afraid they cannot reach their destination and run out of battery. It can reach 65km/h within 3. 7s acceleration and a standard range of 393km with a one-time charge. An EV usually has an autonomy of less than 100km, and has an image of small-size low-speed vehicle. NTSF(National Transportation Safety Board) started investigation after the deadly Model X crash in the bay area, california. NTSF will investigate whether the car was in autopilot mode when it hit the safety barrier on the freeway and caught fire. In many cases tesla has warned and explained the limitations of Autopilot, what it can do or can’t do and the responsibililty of drivers who should be attentive and ready all the times.

When Autopilot is on everything looks good as your car follows the car in front you but all of a sudden out of nowhere, warning! which means car needs your input driver must immediately control the car. In another case, model 3 was failure while testing it. already many customers have pre-booked it by paying $1000 the pre-booking count was around 518000 from which 63000 has cancelled there orderAdvantages of having tesla is not spending any money on gas, in current conditions 11. 2 cents per kilowatt-hour where per gallon of gas is $3. 32. customer is expected to spend around $1800 per year for fueling model S which comparably very less than combustion engineone of the biggest problem that tesla experienced is in the power steering that might fail because they observed in their testing that bolts which hold the system are corroding and weakening due to the harsh winter road conditions. Because of this tesla recalled around 123000 cars in april 2016 company estimates only 0. 02 percent of vechiles in US were affected.

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The other problem is that battery runs only upto 280-300 miles and again driver got to charge the car. But if their are no charging ports nearby then how will customer get help? And customers even complained about battery replacement being expensive. Battery is the vital module in an electric vechile. Tesla applied an ambitious plan on battery strategy, with expecting developments on battery processing plant and enter the stationary battery showcase. Tesla motor has a good knowledge of battery packs and management system. It has innovatively equipped Roaster with thousands of laptop Lithium-ion cells and assembles them into a performance and cost optimized battery pack. During the delivery of Tesla Model S, it developed a closer relationship with its battery cell supplier Panasonic, on both battery technology and the scale of productionThe consulant Solution is —even most cars dont face the problem consultant has decided to recall all the cars to stay on safe side. The cars which were already sold had an option to get a replacement of that part in the service centers. The problem behind metal corrosion is bolt being the mixture of iron and hydroxide when mixed with water will cause corrosion. To fix it tesla are replacing that bolt with corrosion free metal.

Basically the goal is not to fix the issues but make it better through the product life cycle. Tesla sold 22,477 units of its Model S, thus outperforming all forecasts. The Model S comes with a variety of battery-pack options – 40 kWh, 60 kWh and 85 kWh, with base prices of 52,400, 62,400 and 72,400. With ranges of 265 miles and above. While other cars like BMW are covering 90 miles of distance. Tesla gives the customer support by placing the charging pods every 30 miles and a service centers when car breaks down or if any issues with the battery tesla will also help with roadside assistance. Tesla provides fast charging batteries with in 30 minutes the battery can be charged about 50% Batteries make up more than one-third of the overall vechile price around $12000-$15000. the market for PEV batteries including materials required for production, plays a particularly crucial role for PEV manufacturers and the market is expected to grow around $50 billion by 2020.

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