General Environment Analysis Of Hungry Jack's Company

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Strategic analysis is a task in which managers can get by with intuitions, opinion, good instincts, and creative thinking , judgment about what strategy to pursue need to flow directly from analysis of organization’s external and internal situations.

Business background

Hungry Jack’s Pty Ltd is basically an Australian fast food franchise of Burger King Corporation. It is an absolutely owned subsidiary of Australia, which started in 1971, Hungry jacks owned by Jack Cowin. And he retains and functions or sub-licenses all of the Hungry Jack’s restaurants in Australia. As the master franchise for the country, it is required for licensing for new commerce who open new restaurants to perform the standard in all over the country. There is 420 hungry jacks restaurant to serving fast food to major population in Australia. It is the second largest franchise in hamburger in all over the world which employ over 19000 and more than 1.7 million employee serve 125 million and more beef patties per year. Hungry jacks is famous for its hamburgers they sell cheeseburgers, beef patties, chicken products, fries, Desert, soft-drinks and milkshakes.

Industry overview and analysis Hungry Jack’s opened its first restaurant in Innaloo in year 1971, In beginning years, the restaurant functioned under franchise of Burger King Corporation but Hungry jacks company made few alteration in agreement in 1990 and because of this alteration, Competitive Foods was allowed to open Hungry Jack’s first independent opening and after that more restaurants opened under trademark of Hungry jacks restaurant. Recently Hungry jacks is fruitful brand image in the Australian restaurant market. Mission of any company clarifies the final determination for existence in the market and what it desire to accomplish through its business whereas vision offers way to business as what it want to become in coming years. Vision and mission of business to perform a substantial role in strategic development where philosophies stated under these are cooperative in management of the day-to-day activities and employees’ The Mission of Hungry Jack’s offers guarantee to the customers visit their place where they serve great food and is good and healthy at quality, as well as they provide good service and cleaning standard. Hungry jacks promoting four key terms

1) Giving supreme importance to customers

2) Confirming their protection

3) Qualifying integrity

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4) Advance performance.

General Environment Analysis

Hungry Jack’s is not only well-organized in handling its customers’ demand with the help of mixed services like organizing birthday celebration for kids but also involves maximum participation of public to make the society a well residence for existing. Apart from this Hungry jacks entered into strategic business with Keep Australia Beautiful under which all its wrapping contains the logo of “Bag it and Bin it” to encourage customers to place the garbage responsively. The strategic objective of the business is to progress productivity and brand image through larger consumer servicing and encouraging sustainability in environment.

Political/ Legal Analysis

Hungry Jack’s has stores in some of the most major and deliberate location in all over the Australia They aim top, high-traffic, high-visibility locations near a variation of locations, with downtown andretail centres, office buildings, university campuses, Business hub and malls. Where they offer healthy and good quality food to customers. At their store they provide good dining facility, space to arrange party and great music as well as good customer service.

Technological Analysis

Hungry Jack’s providing shake and win application where customer can win some food or drinks for free or nominal get benefit for this free food customer have to download the application of Hungry jacks and shake the phone for two times to win the fee food or drink as well as customer is able to shake their smart phone if they are within 1 km of store. Because of this scheme hungry jacks offer to try their food for free so customer comes to get next time to eat.

Physical Analysis

Hungry Jack’s provide good customer service .Hungry jacks employee known for well experienced and educated as well as they have enough knowledge about the product and market. Hungry jacks train their employee in good manner so they are the biggest property of the restaurants which helpful to get success.

Demographic Analysis

In all over the Australia one can find Hungry jacks stores in each and every suburb so customer can get food easily and as I said 420 or more stores are available in Australia. And with the help of application one can book order and get food by Uber eats so now geographic distance doesn’t matter.

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