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Nikola Tesla and An Electric Vehicle Business

When hearing the company name, Tesla many people automatically associate it with self driven cars and Elon Musk. But, Tesla. Inc was actually founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003. They named the company after Serbian American investor Nikola Tesla (Schreiber and Gregerson)....

History of the Evolution of Electric Cars

The title of this article is “The electric car revolution is coming. This is what has to happen first.” The author of this article is “Peter Valdes-Dapena.” The source of this article is “CNN.” This article is talking about mainly the evolution of electric cars....

The Key Elements of Success of Tesla Motors

Introduction In this age of development and globalization, organisations require proper analysis and formulation of abilities so that they could provide the employees with framework and strategies to improve the growth and development of the organisation (Lyyra and Koskinen 2016, p. 61). Through the implementation...

Tesla Motors: The Next Big Thing

Abstract As time advances, the need for technology will still be present. It is something that is necessary to live a comfortable life in the United States, whether it pertains medicine, entertainment, or in this case, the automotive industry. Without any advancement in the automotive...

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