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Sexual Harassment In The Workplace, Does It Exist In Lebanon

What is sexual harassment in the workplace? What actions count as sexual harassment? Is it considered a crime? What legitimate conducts can be applied if someone was exposed to sexual harassment? Sexual harassment does not necessarily mean sex. It is about having control over the...

Workplace Bullying in the United States Healthcare Industry

“US healthcare workers face rise in workplace violence” on the World Socialist Web Site delineates workplace violence and harassment against healthcare professionals in the United States and is described as becoming “a nationwide phenomenon”. It chronicles workplace violence as “physical assaults, physical or verbal harassment,...

The Possible Ways of Reducing Workplace Violence

Firstly, employers must intensified security actions because it is the ultimate aspect to taken care of whether it comes from the workers or outsiders. For instance, install alarm system and video surveillance, install proper lighting and camera surveillance at parking lot and office building, setup key-card access systems at...

Dangerous Behaviour of Employees in the Workplace and Its Consequences

Introduction The behaviour of people in the workplace directly affects the performance of an organization. While the organization’s goal as a business entity is to remain profitable, this has to be balanced with the need to uphold the standards of work and employees’ welfare. Workplace...

History of Discrimination in a Workplaces in U.S.

Despite the foremost progress in recent years, discrimination remains a large downside within the U.S.these days. To produce the facts regarding this issue, this paper can establish the causes of discrimination toward workers within the geographical point supported race, gender and different characteristics. Additionally i'll...

Women Discrimination In IT Profession

Take a quick glance into any programming office in North America or Asia, one could rarely spot the sight of a woman. Generally, from the perspective of today’s society, programming is considered a male dominant profession. Ellen Ullman uses personal anecdotes, statistics and emotional hooks...

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