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Security Concerns About The Implementation Of Bring-your-own-device Policy

Bring your own device identifies as a company policy that allows its employees to use their personal mobile devices for work and started in the American workplace. Bringing your own devices at work can allow different levels of access to the company data and systems...

The Implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy in the Workplace

Technology today has become not only powerful but ubiquitous, with that being said it has risen to become one of the world’s most powerful sources. Technology is used in various aspects; From work use to personal use, Technology is used all around us. With society...

The Negative Effects of Bring Your Own Device Policy

What is BYOD BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device, this is when employees from companies bring in electronic devices that can connect to the internet, this can affect the employees productivity as these devices can distract people when they are supposed to be working....

Overview of Policies Adopted by Q Ltd

Q ltd is in the production of washing powder, liquid soaps and basic household needs. Q ltd has various branches across various parts of the African continent. The firm prides itself to produce the best of quality while ensuring environmental safety, compatibility and international standards...

Threats and Benefits of The BYOD Phenomenon in the Workplace in the 21st Century

Abstract There are several important advantages for employees and employers when it comes to bringing their own devices to work which is why for the most part is being acceptable but there are also significant concerns that are starting to build up when it comes...

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