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Origins Of Artificial Intelligence And Its Implementation In Facebook

Definition “Artificial intelligence means simulation of human elements by machines/ computers, where they acquire information (learning), process it to reach reasonable conclusions (action). It leverages various technologies like machine/deep learning, vision, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), robots, or autonomous machines, etc, for delivering better results.” (Artificial Intelligence…

Deactivation Of Scientific Bloggers By Facebook

Facebook obediently blocks scientific bloggers and atheists on complaints of the ignorant majority In mid-April, Facebook blocked for a “violation” of the community’s standards, at least six Arabic-language pages, where atheists from MENA countries (Middle-East and North Africa) gathered. One of the victims was the…

The Development Of IT And Society

IT stands for ‘Information Technology’. Those two words, according to Harvard Business Review, were first used in an article published in 1958 by Harold J. Leavitt and Thomas L.Whisler. Words, which were used became now widespread around the world. Mainly because IT is undoubtedly one…

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