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Organization History and Inventory Management of Better Bee

Company Background Established in 2013, Better Bee supplies and services Ltd (BBSS) is a small business that prides itself in producing real Jamaican honey and honey related products. Better Bee Supplies and services is owned and operated by Neville Duncan and is located on Irish...

The Main Attractions and Selling Points of Dubai

Why Dubai? The Emirate of Dubai is the seven United Arab Emirates however has the greatest populace at more than 2.1 million tenants. It is situated on the southeast shoreline of the Persian Gulf and is the capital of Emirate of Dubai. Dubai oil income...

Inventory Management In Hospital Performance

“Inventory management is one of the key factors for improving performance of any unit” Keeping precise and updated inventory is the most crucial task for any hospital. Too much inventory can reduce profits and less inventory leads to complications. The decision factor for proper management...

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