Essay Samples on Risk

Pilot Health Issues and Ethical Issues in Aviation Medicine

Introduction Warren Jensen’s analysis regarding pilot health stipulates that health-related issues are more sophisticated than the initially appeared. First, he highlights that with safety comes the mitigation of risk since we cannot eliminate it. One of the greatest challenges for aviation employees, according to Jensen…

Risk Analysis and Project Management Scope

Projects, usually, are categorized into three different types: market driven, change driven and crisis driven, based on their respective functions and usages. By definition, change driven projects are expected to meet certain goals in order to change operation to match the environment; crisis driven projects…

Aging Workforce: Risks, Influences, And Approaches

Introduction Population is a key factor in determining a country’s economic development and demographic changes will bring many economic and social impacts. However, with the aging of the population, the productive function of the population will decline and the economic society will also undergo major…

Analysis Of The Various Angles And Dimensions To The Risk

Typically, high risks are high paying and only people and organizations with huge capacities capable of withstanding the shocks resulting from an eventual failure will readily cash in on the opportunities of high risk ventures without much worries due to their ability to still survive….

The Reasons Businesses Should Care About Geopolitics

Geopolitics can be defined as a power struggle between people, businesses, and institutions under the constraints of geography, economics, and technology. Businesses and their strategists need context to understand the dimensions of global changes and the implications of it. Businesses that have little or no…

Age And Other Factors Explaining Risky Asset Investments

Behavioral finance opposes traditional finance theories in the sense that individuals are not capable of carrying out the dynamic optimization problems that traditional finance talks about. However, one of the most fundamental concepts for investments and financial decision making for both schools of thoughts is…

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