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Analysis Of Five Main Strategies Of Conflict Management

Conflict can be good or bad. We all face some type of conflict in our lives. Understanding your limitations and being able to overcome conflict is the key to a healthy balanced life. There are plenty of key factors that can be learned and implemented...

Conflict Management in a Hospital Ward Setting between Two Nurses

The purpose of this essay is to depict the management of resolving a conflict in a typical hospital ward setting between two nurses. The aim is to resolve a conflict which strengthens the relationship of a team and create a harmony working environment which ensures...

Conflict Management and Resolution: An Introduction by Ho-Won Jeong

Introduction This book is basically trying to explain how to deal with a conflict which has an international dimension. In general, the book is consist of a framework based on theoretical approaches. However, it also refers some specific cases of international conflicts which effected the...

A Study of Conflicts Management in Family Business

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Introduction: Conflicts in the family business is the most common problem in any society, culture, country in the world. The main reason of conflict is the lack of training and lack of governance of family business which should be adopted by entrepreneur. Often the conflicts...

The Role Of Ethics In Peace And Conflict Research

The devastating violent conflicts experienced in Africa have raised numerous questions about their nature, causes, participants and ways to amicably end their intractableness. Other questions that require satisfactorily answers include why conflict actors like the political leaders, militias, extremists and suicide bombers, pirates, child soldiers,...

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