Analysis Of Five Main Strategies Of Conflict Management

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Conflict can be good or bad. We all face some type of conflict in our lives. Understanding your limitations and being able to overcome conflict is the key to a healthy balanced life. There are plenty of key factors that can be learned and implemented in order to deal with conflicts. We have to put these plans into action in order to reach a state of serenity.

Without practicing proper procedures on dealing with conflicts you may experience higher stress and unhappiness. Ronald Reagan, said it best “Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” Stability is the positive outcome of conflict. Pressure bust pipes but also makes diamonds.

This essay will cover “Five Conflict Management Strategies.” Confrontation is unavoidable these tips will be very helpful in dealing with daily issues.

The first strategy is avoiding. “Avoiding is when people just ignore or withdraw from the conflict. They choose this method when the discomfort of confrontation exceeds the potential reward of resolution of the conflict.” Not every conflict requires a reaction. For example if some guys are yelling upsetting things to you in a bar would it be worth it to address them or simple walk away. Choosing to walk away would be a form of avoiding conflict.

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Competing is the second key strategy. “Competing is used by people who go into a conflict planning to win. They’re assertive and not cooperative.” We all have been in this position before competing with someone over a certain issue. The key to working through a conflict is the ability to understand the other parties point of view. Being open minded to other perspectives can help solve conflicts. We went over active listening which is a major part of this strategy. A lot of times we only listen to what we want to hear or we focus on what we are going to argue back. Really take in the information the other person is putting out. Without this step we are just arguing with no conclusion.

The third strategy is accommodating. “Accommodating is a strategy where one party gives in to the wishes or demands of another. They’re being cooperative but not assertive.” Most people who show this trait are passive aggressive. When conflicts accrue you have to be able to address whatever the issue is even if that means things will get a little uncomfortable. If you agree with someone in order to avoid confrontation you are hurting the situation more than helping it. We have all let things build up and went along with something we don’t agree with, by doing this you never resolve the issue.

Collaborating is the fourth strategy. “Collaborating is the method used when people are both assertive and cooperative.” This is when everyone involved gets their point across but also open-minded to the others point of view. Conflicts are best handled when collaborating happens. You don’t have to agree with someone to like them. Just get to know them. The more yo+u know someone the less conflict you perceive. When you understand why someone a person is taking a certain stance you are willing to be more collaborative.

The final strategy is compromising. “The concept is that everyone gives up a little bit of what they want, and no one gets everything they want.” Taking the last two strategy will get you to this point in a conflict. Compromising leads to a solution, when both parties make it a priority to resolve issues they will come to a mutual agreement. We have all had to give a little to reach a resolution. When parties can’t come to agreements things like the government shutdown happens. Democrats and Republicans are great examples of two parties who can’t resolve conflicts because of their own agenda. In regular life we all have to compromise with some sort of conflict.

By remembering all five of these strategic steps hopefully they will help you through your conflicts with others. Not every one of these categories will accrue during a conflict but it is important to be able to identify them and be able to work through them and get to a resolution. Conflict management is first mindset and then skill set. Please use these skills and apply them to your everyday conflicts.

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