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The Sharing Economy in Australia and the Associated Tax Obstacles

The 'sharing economy' is a term that describes individuals utilizing web applications to lease their property, assets, time and skills. Sharing economy stages enable users to monetise the estimation of surplus limit in the utilization of advantages or work, for instance, vehicles or transportation administrations....

The Tax Rate While Moving to Oklahoma

Moving is a major decision, and relocating to another state can be overwhelming. Often there are many unanswered questions, and no resource to find the answers you're looking for. While we may not have the best answer on where to eat (Smoke Grill) or the...

Investigating the Tax Landscape and Reputational Risks

Introduction The tax landscape for an organisation keeps changing, more so due to the world becoming more interconnected and digitalized. Hence, the tax policies may not be up to par with the increase in globalisation and business developments creating various tax risks for an organisation....

Selfishly Generous: The Sham of Philanthropy 

With rolling green hills and rivers, Davos looks like the Von Trapp family’s paradise. Just a tiny village nestled in a Swiss valley, Davos is home to the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting. Each year, the worlds’ elite business, social, and political leaders – including...

Comparison Of Owning Versus Renting A House

Young adults often struggle between the idea of owning and renting a home. This essay will discuss some of the differences between owning and renting a home for young adults in relation to upfront costs, time spent at one location, and accommodating your family’s spatial...

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