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Being On Time: Importance Of Punctuality

Reliability is one of the most important qualities a person can have. Without it, there can be lasting negative effects in all aspects of your life. Whether it be socially or within your career. Being on time lets other people know that you are reliable,...

Importance Of Turning Work On Time And Being On Time

Procrastination is one of the major problems in high school students. Frequently students find themselves in the place when they cannot handle their schoolwork because of lack of understanding. Because of this, many negative aspects are on homework. There are many benefits to completing your...

Student Reflection: My Work Towards Success

A few months ago, I felt I was wasting time. I wanted to do something productive that would help my medical career. For this reason, I started searching for online courses. I found out that my school, Caribbean Medical University, has an association with Walden...

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