Essay Samples on Customer Service

A Report On Local Businesses Analysis

I have chosen two local businesses. One of the businesses is Crow’s Nest Golf Club. The other is Little Shop of Soaps. I have chosen these businesses because they are both local. This means I can investigate them. There websites are informative and easy to…

Analysis Of Business Of Family Mart

Family Mart is a Japanese convenience store franchise chain and it is owned by FamilyMart Co.,Ltd. They are focus in provide convenience services to customers around their life circle. They are promote “Summer Fun & Fresh” promotion start from 18 July to 28 August 2018….

Paid Memberships As A Way Of Revenue Enhancement

Paid memberships is a viable avenue for revenue enhancement. This top line growth method leverages not only the existing customer base but also increases the conversion rate of first time visitors to paying and/or repeat users. Looking at revenue from membership fees to access detailed…

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