Pitfalls and Benefits of Using the Mystery Shopping

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In Marketing term Mystery Shopping is the exercise of collecting surveys through training field employees so as to calculate customer research and service, operations, merchandising and goods or services quality. After finding out the survey they give back the collected to commission organisation. So lets clear it out, what mystery Shopping means, basically, it is like secret shopping, mystery customers, spotters or virtual customers. Mystery Shopping helps to find out that what the customer feels and think when the visit a company or call on a company.

Ethnographic research can be easily termed as taking a deeper look at what makes our customers thinking, Basically, their behaviors, and decisions. Ethnographic mystery shopping can involve living in the shoes of a customer. Taking help from an online journal, diary helps the consumers in sharing their emotions, thinking, and decision factors because they visit your place of business more often. Searching on web, making phone calls, or trying products. Helps to demonstrate to the employees of the importance of the relationship with the customers: every consumer counts, likewise, every employee is important.

Not Ideal for Many Companies

The company needs to be the one that not only can take advantage from mystery shopping but on the other hand, they can also practice the mystery shopper to help him understand what they should be looking for. If I want to be a mystery shopper, I need to go through the sales at our B2B enterprise, I want myself to fully understand how to talk about the products or service.

Further Research Needed

Like always, basing a company-wide effects on an individual customer experience is a bad idea, and so while doing the mystery shopping we can stimulate further, it should not be anticipated to support any changes to your company on its own. Suppose that a hotel, hospital, and supermarket each hired you to be a mystery shopper. Construct a basic evaluation instrument that you would use to examine the performance of those organizations in terms of customer service and measuring your overall customer experience with those organizations. If a hotel hired me to be a mystery shopper-Providing excellent hospitality isn’t that easy. Our mission is to provide “reality based” improvement programs that might build top notch customer experiences. Creating unique scorecard based on our goals and letting our trained hotel & hospitality secret shoppers evaluate your business. Unlike the goals focus on different solutions, Real Feedback helps us to insight subjective customer data with our evolving survey for customer satisfaction.

Hospital- Mystery shoppers can provide a detailed help about the initial impression in a hospital, when a caller makes contact. As the makes an appointment, “Everything related to the patient encounter must involve trust that we will be delivering on the promise to provide safe, top-quality health care. Did he or she felt good while being operated? Did the feel that their privacy was being well respected? Did he understand the problem and the cure?


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The outside of the store should be well decorated nicely with fresh flowers for sale and sale signs that were neatly displayed. Once in the store, were they greeted immediately by an associate with a smile. The floors should remain clean, there should be tables next to the deli department to make it look clean and shiny.

Mystery shoppers are certainly an unseen and kind of unheard issue, but with the modern industry and with vulnerable workers continuing to understand ‘side-hustles’ that provide supplemental earning, but the basic problem is that they face mistreatment from the well established companies such as low wage rate, uncompensated travel charges, wage-theft, less benefits.

In todays world there is a great shift towards the Urban industry, which has brought out great fleets of mystery shoppers who are waiting to get to infiltrate and report at a moment’s notice. This can include applications like Gig walk and Spot-check, along with many other applications and opportunities. It is with the improvement of employees fulfilling the mystery shopper role,, that assisted to make a practice of non-existent enforcement of ethical behaviors along with accurate or fair reporting from those who work as a mystery shopper. If Boston Pizza’s profit margin is less on its smart eats and Gluten wise menu offerings. Why doesn’t it just increase the price of these items more significantly to create greater profit margins?

Boston Pizza (BP) also Termed as Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza Restaurant and Sports Bar, is a Canadian multinational restaurant chain that franchises locations in countries like Canada, the United States and Mexico. There are actually a number of reason why they do not increase the price so as to earn greater profit. It basically depends on their objective- gradual increase in prices typically result in decrease in demand. In Microeconomics, the price-demand relationship is also called as the law of demand and supply. Prices rise, demand eventually falls, other factors remaining constant. If a provider raises its rates because competitors go out of business, for instance, it may experience similar or greater demand. When a business raises its prices, it usually believes the increased revenue per item will exceed the lost sales that result.

Boston Pizza is a pizza-style family restaurant that is involved in competitive prices and similar foods to restaurants such East Side Mario’s. Target market are families with average income and for those commuters who don’t have time to cook. The enterprise is spreading its market and they have created new market campaign called Finger Cooking.

Their Pricing strategy is standard and competitive because of fellow rivals. So as they not offer takeaways, this can be an important point for the customers to move to other restaurant’s, if they increase the price too much so it all depends on pricing it in according to the customers pocket. Actually, we can say that demand changes the price. If the price of a food item at Boston Pizza goes up more potential customers will think and decide that the food isn’t worth the price and it would be better to find a cheaper substitute from the rival restaurants. Price determination comes from demand and supply factor. It is truly a balance of the two market components and finally we reach the equilibrium. Market prices is dependent upon the intersection of demand and supply. An equilibrium price comes up from the factors of demand and supply. Tendency for prices to return to this equilibrium where demand and supply curve meets, unless some characteristics other than that change. So, in all Boston Pizzas price is affected from the continuous sales and old stats, which shows the demand and on top of that, it is the supply of items to make pizza that effects the price of end product as well.

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