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Costco Strategy Overview and Suggestions for Further Business Improvements

Unique Online Shopping Experience As a Wholesale Club, selling bulk items at a discounted price is what sets Costco apart from its substitutes. However, there are things Costco can do to combat its loss of sales to substitutes. Something that could help further enhancing its...

How Costco Should Improve Its Marketing Strategy

Costco’s marketing strategy is still very conventional. The company does not spend money on advertising campaigns or promotions of its products in newspapers, radio, television, billboards, etc., through this standard the company saves around 2% per year in its operational costs. The use of email,...

The Business Culture of Costco

Describe the Culture at Costco. Culture is a dubious idea to most of the leaders. My associates and I set out to make culture unmistakable, so leaders could turn out to be progressively deliberate about creating and keeping up a sound culture. Culture is the...

The Possible Impacts of Costco's Expansion in China

Introduction Costco Wholesale Corporation ( trading as Costco) is an American retail corporation which operates an international chain of membership-only warehouses. According to Morgan Stanley analysts, the success of the retail giant depends on ‘quality and quantity at the lowest possible price’. This report will...

How Does Costco Manage to Stand Out in the Competitive Retail Industry

Costco is one of the largest retail brands in the United States. Being a retail brand, it faces stiff competition from other players in this industry, such as Loblaws as well as Walmart among others. However, despite Costco having such a colossal success level, it...

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