Essay Samples on Dream Career

My Dream Career Of Physical Therapy

Carol Welch-Baril, a neuromuscular therapist, once said, “movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states” (Baril). Growing up, I was deeply affected when my friends or siblings were not able to participate in everyday activities due to injuries….

My Dream Career Of Orthodontist

When I was younger becoming an orthodontist was my dream. Watching my Orthodontist work on my teeth is what inspired me the most. As I got older, I have realized that in this line of work, the dentist must have the ability to have patience,…

My Dream Job Is To Be An Accountant

Everyone in their life has thought of what they want to accomplish and achieve in the future; regarding career, education, etc. When choosing a career, people should consider the different interests that they have in their life. This helps them to find a job that…

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