The Reason Why I Want to Work in the Medical Field as a Doctor

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It all started when I was 10 years old, I woke up to my mom shrieking about calling an ambulance. I remember waking up groggy and everything looked blurry until I saw a figure on my bedroom floor. It was my grandma, I was in a shocked state I knew she had health problem, but these was the first I saw her like this. I remember feeling scared while the EMT were pushing my grandma on a gurney to the hospital. I remember how caring and nice the doctors were explaining what was happening, one doctor even came and talked to me caused me to feel less anxious. As a naïve child, I never understood the complexity of my grandma’s condition. I always thought she would get healthy again, I mean she has gone to the hospital multiple times over the years and always came back. During that time, I always believed doctors were like superhero, they could save anyone. This hospital visit proved that my childish version to be wrong. My grandma passed away/ The day my dad broke the news to my brother and I, I felt this numbness overcome me, nothing made sense and I did not want to believe it. But seeing my grandma lifeless on a hospital bed conformed the horrible truth. I wouldn’t have my best friend in my life anymore. Nobody to tease every day, go to the park with, and just hang out with in general. This experience has made me want to be involved in a caring profession. I see as an opportunity to help prevent families going through a similar situation. This resulted in my interest in doctors and the medical field.

As I grew older, I gained experiences inside and outside of school that shaped my childhood assessment of a doctor profession into a realistic perspective. Entering high school, I opened myself up to clinical work by volunteering at hospitals’ and various community programs. This experience caused me to open my eyes to the duties and struggles doctor’s face on a daily basis. The participation in this volunteer activates also helped me evolve important skills needed as a physician. I was allowed the opportunity to talk to patients and comfort them, also watched doctors confer and be leaders in healing a patient. I first hand saw them cure the sick and fight nasty diseases. I love helping individuals, I found being a physician will allow me to create the greatest impact in my community. In academics, I always excelled in sciences. 

From a young age, I always had an interest in biology and chemistry. I am also keen in mathematics, I love the challenges presented in math. I was excited to learn that these subjects were fundamentally related to medicine. From that point one, I focused courses related to the medical field, I took an anatomy and pholgy course. I realized I’m pretty fascinated by the human body, the way it works and the ever-increasing knowledge about how to keep its systems in balance. I cannot pinpoint the exact moment I determined to become a doctor. The steady strings of experiences I have gained so far lead me to make this decision. Which is based on both gut feeling and careful deliberation.  

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