How I Decided To Become A Software Engineer

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Everyone has dream to do their favorite job which is mainly gives them self-satisfaction and fulfillment of their needs. Now-a-days peoples are too much worried about their future. It’s their dream which lead them into real life. Many years before, when I was a small child, I admired adventures. I think that when I breathed in for the first time and felt the ground underneath my feet, when for the very first time I looked at the night sky and its many eyes, I dreamed to live the life of an adventurer.

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To stride the deserts, to explore the jungles, to stroll through the lost cities and to dive into the deep darkness of the ocean I find extremely exciting. My wish is to be an adventurer. I also want to become an IT expert, and I’m too much anxious to achieve my dream. Now-a-days life, from day to night we are surrounded with apparatus and does anyone ever noticed how this machines runs. It is the software which is runs inside the machine. Be it cell phone, computer, ATM machines, Tabs etc. , every machine needs proper software to run. The day is not so far when robots will replace human being and it can only be by the help of software. In IT and technology industry there are lots of demands of software and that’s why IT experts are call up every year. Now-a-days life is essentially running with the help of machines and their software, even if you are using a calculators then it is working by its internal software which runs its programming.

Also I have also a dream to being a Doctor. It’s a job that I always want to do and have loved since I was in childhood. This is very nice and decent carrier. I want to learn the Human biology and always want to treat the patients and helps the poor people’s free. But lots of practice and experience is required in this field. When you are in the hospital with your patients you are always try to doing something vital for all of them. I always want to remove the HIV, cancer etc. like disease from this world. So people can love happily.

So, finally I have decided to become a software engineer. Now-a-days people are running towards money and it is true without money one cannot succeed in building his career. But at the same time working hard to achieve you dream is one of the most integral part of human beings life. It is said that, without pain no gain. One should be determined enough so that his career is his first primary concerns. So, I wanted to help future generation with my work and skills so that it could help their daily needs and demands in very swift manner.

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