How MBA Will Help Me to Achieve My Goals

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MBA will present me an opportunity to learn hand-full of business subjects like Accounting, HRM, Finance, Marketing, Operation, Organisation structure, etc. under one roof in a most effective and efficient way. This will aid me in achieving my short-term goal (i.e. equip myself in learning the required skills and competencies.) at an accelerated pace. MBA will not only provide theoretical knowledge but also, tremendous practical exposure through Case study solving, Presentation, live project and Internship opportunities.

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To achieve my second short-term goal (i.e. to gain practical experience and understand ground realities like decision making, Critical problem solving, team handling and leading them, People Management, etc. at managerial level.). The traditional process and standard growth will take 3-6 years to reach Managerial level and another 2-3 years to achieve the goal. I can cut down this time by 1-4 years through again the most efficient and effective way, MBA.
Once achieved this crucial milestone, with winning business Idea/concept along with experience and expertise, I can see my vision “to become an Entrepreneur” just a mile away.

Another significant advantage is peer group. A pool of like-minded people, best brain in the countries having a bag full of creative ideas, ambitions, dreams means tons of things to learn come as a free topping/perks and healthy competition constantly on.
We all can be in continuous learning and improvement phase all the time and learn numerous things from each other. Like, I have a good hold on suspecting, Prospecting, searching for business opportunities and hidden market, making proposal and presentation, organising seminar/events, Graphic Designing, building trust and connections. In terms of perspective, I love thinking of productive ways to conceptualize and do things. I respect and follow Judgmental decision, thinking things through and examining them from all sides; not jumping to conclusions; being able to change one's mind in light of evidence. I love planning, creating strategies and solve problems and carry a positive attitude furthermore believe attitude is the most crucial in life. I am good at time management and manage to get the thing done on time. Along with this, peers can learn the importance of facial expression, Body Language and how to utilize these skills.
Such peer group along with the professors are excellent learning-source. In addition, rich mediums to discuss your ideas, create plan/strategy and execution, and can very well work as an incubator.

Many believe, Leaders are born but I strongly believe, Leaders can be developed and see MBA as the catalyst in this journey of making a Leader and Entrepreneur.

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