What I Want To Do After My Graduation

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Graduation is an exciting time for my life, specially a university’s graduation. When I think of family and relatives, friend gathering together to celebrate a gratifying event, I feel I accomplished my goal. Graduating from university give me a valuable outlook. So, you just graduated from university and are thinking what you do after this. I am not quite sure about what to do next, it is normal to feel worried and I want those four years were really worth it. That’s why I prepare a list.

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First of all, I want to chill out for my goals, then taking a gap year after university is not a bad option. Sometimes I may not be able to see the benefits of taking time off from intense university activities. Taking a gap year is a great time to give an opportunity me to do more things. For example, I can learn many things such as drawing, cooking, public, speaking, dancing and other hobbies. They can help in boosting my private and professional life. Life skills such as learning a new language and public speaking can prepare me for my career life.

Studying a master’s degree is a great choice to become an expert in my field. It is also a good way to think about my future. I want to study my master’s degree abroad, in my opinion studying abroad may be one of the most useful experiences for me. The biggest reason I suppose to study abroad is the opportunity to see the world. Besides, I will experience a new country with new outlooks, customs and activities. One of the major opportunity studying abroad is to learn a foreign language. Studying in a different country offers new activities and interests that I have never discovered if I stayed at home. I shall have the chance to discover other new world and exciting forms of entertainment like plays, dancing are a few activities that I can enjoy.

After master I plan to travel Asian countries. Asia is the largest continent on our planet. It has some of the most beautiful places. Asia is rich in almost every kind of landscape. In my opinion Asian travel will provide adventures, cultural integration, ancient history and a chance to have some fun. Then I want to do an internship. Internships are a great way to develop my work skills. I consider if I do an internship employers will be impressed with my knowledge and choose me to work in. If I feel that I already have enough experience, I shall get a job. I want to work as an interpreter and I wish I shall get it.

In conclusion, there are different ways of what to do after graduation, it is up to the your individual choose. Just do your best.

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