My Convocation Day: An Experience I Will Never Forget

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For most people, their graduation day is one of the memorable and the best days of their life the same goes to me. Many people have experienced the overwhelming excitement feeling as you approach graduation day, and for me, that was a day that I will never forget. I still can remember feeling anxious to celebrate the big day with my friends and family, while at the same time I was panicking thinking about having to walk across the stage in front of that many people. I believe everyone will have great and beautiful moments in their lifetime during studies in a university which the most enjoyable phase in our university life.

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On 21st October 2018, I was graduated with a Diploma of Applied Science from University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). It was a bright and sunny day as the sun was beaming with pride. I wore a light blue shirt with a black tie and black pants. I brushed my hair and stand in front of the mirror to make sure I am neat and tidy. I quickly try to get all of my things together. My convocation robe was hanged neatly in my father’s car. My parents and I have been out early so we can make in time to arrive at my graduation venue as we must travel all the way from my house which is located in Shah Alam. We do not want to be late and missed my significant day. As we arrived, I quickly wore my convocation robe. My parents proudly smiled as I wore the robe.

My parents entered the hall and took a seat. Once I reached waiting for a place, everyone was lined up and waited to enter the hall. The hall was so big and I can see many families came to see their children. Once inside, we all made our way to our allocated seats. A moment later, there is thunderous applause from all graduates and guest as our Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Tan Sri Dr. Wahid Bin Razaly entered the hall.

The ceremony started with the usual formalities and then graduates were directed onto the stage and awards were conferred by a handshake. Our course was the last one to be called up, so we have to wait until we were directed onto the stage and collect our certificate. When it was my turn, the nerves really kicked in at that point as master of the ceremony called my name. I walk across the stage anxiously but still, I can manage to smile in front of cameras for a beautiful picture to be taken.

I will never ever forget these days. I feel so lucky that I was surrounded by some of the most important people in my life who made the day even more special. I faced many challenges and was presented with various obstacles during my diploma. My diploma studies had its ups and downs but I lucky because I was surrounded by such supportive people and made some lifelong friends.

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