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Role Of Biology And Chemistry In Environmental Education

In this modern day and age, technology is more advanced than what it used to be. Factories produce a lot of bio-chemical waste which deals harm to the environment around it. These wastes are hazardous to the environment around it. The importance of healthcare waste...

Agritourism: A Hands-On Learning Experience for Students

Agritourism is a fascinating and innovative form of tourism that merges agricultural activities and rural experiences with travel. It is a remarkable opportunity for students of environmental studies to acquire practical knowledge and exposure to the challenges and opportunities faced by farmers and rural communities...

Effectiveness of Media Utilization in Environmental Education at Secondary Level

Introduction Literally environment means where we lives and works. It is the surrounding that affects the life and activities of the organisms. Every organism is encircled by a specific medium to which it remains fully adopted and to which it constantly interfere its existence. This...

Environmental Education: The Importance to Teach About Recycling

In the year of 2018, the average contamination rate of communities and businesses is 25%, which is a fairly high number, and should be alarming. Stated in Josh Ocampo’s article (2018), 25% means that around 1 in 4 items placed in the recycle bin isn’t...

Bachelor Of Science In Environmental Science, What It Really Entails?

Have you been thinking and pondering about what direction your Bachelor of Science degree should be launched in that would actually matter and would involve you doing your part in taking care of the environment in the little way you can, which will eventually result...

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