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The Power of Neuroplasticity and the Research on the Brainology

Adolescents are not easy to describe due to their complete unpredictability. They are all raised completely different, allowing them to make the life they want. Very few believe that the sky is the limit, most only think of the bare minimum. Brainology shows us many...

Brainology: Transforming Students' Motivation to Learn

Life is a learning process, and every day, we encounter situations that will force us to learn. Some ways can help us to learn better, but they come with a lot of challenges. The need to succeed is one of the pressure students face in...

Brainology: The Growth and Fixed Mindsets

Life is full of choices. Everyday, we make simple choices without giving them a second thought; "What should I wear today" or "What should I have for dinner?" However, some of the choices we make affect more than just a single day. Our success in...

Studying The Brain In Order To Truly Understand The Mind

Throughout psychology’s history, the most common question to be asked is if we must study the brain in order to truly understand our minds. Even before the time of relevant psychological thought, there were philosophers such as Rene Descartes who sought to find if the...

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