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Service Learning as A Learning Methodology

Service-learning is an education and learning methodology that incorporates significant network administration with instruction and reflection to enhance learning, teach civic responsibility, and reinforce networks. Volunteerism means helping someone with something without getting paid for it. Community Service means work that is done by you...

A Reflection on My Service Learning Project: Opportunities and Benefits

Service learning presents students with invaluable opportunities to cultivate their civic engagement skills. By collaborating with community members, students, or anyone else, they can elevate their collective, organizational, and interpersonal proficiencies. Moreover, they can acquire vital experience by collaborating with diverse individuals within their communities....

Service Learning Interview: Why I Aspire to Join the Service Learning Class

How Do You Envision the Population in the Community That We Will Be Serving? Please elaborate on your fears, concerns, prior experiences, expectations, and perceived challenges. I will be working with kids in grades 2nd-6th who are dealing with various hardships, whether that be living...

Healthcare Service Learning in Hamdard

Healthcare inspires me to push my boundaries with knowledge and cultural awareness. Stimulate knowledge to new innovative ideas and challenging me to want to improve my cultural understanding. Hamdard changed my perspective on how I perceive a standard healthcare facility along with services that it...

Service Learning in The Midnight Mission: Giving Homeless People a Second Chance

Our group chose to volunteer at The Midnight Mission in Los Angeles, CA. Volunteering at The Midnight Mission was a wonderful learning experience which allowed us to work with people who are experiencing homelessness. According to The Midnight Mission (2019), the organization offers men, women,...

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