Essay Samples on Research

Reflections and Research of an Introvert Students

Foundational Knowledge and Learning I am considered a School Based Technology Specialist in one of the nation’s largest school districts. I am much more that a Technology Specialist. I am a Testing Coordinator, who assigns and monitors district, state and national assessments to students. I…

Why Divorces Become More Frequent: Research Study

Pothen (2002), studied 200 divorced men and 200 divorced women. She found that husbands and wives had great expectations about their future partners before marriage, which were not fulfilled in marriage. Strains in their marital life started when these expectations did not meet reality. Majority…

The Cult Behavior and Beliefs Involved in Scientology

Before I conducted my research, I knew a little about the cult-like behavior that Scientology involved. I had watched a few episodes of Leah Remini’s documentary and had known the basics of Scientology. I thought that Scientology was very suspicious and that their beliefs seemed…

My Research Project on Emmett Till

In the research project I will be researching about Emmett Till. In This paragraph I will be talking about Emmett Till’s Childhood. Emmett Till was born on July 25 but unlike like most he died when he was only fourteen on August 28, 1955. Till’s…

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