Essay Samples on Library

Developing The Database For Materials Library

The article, “Fake fur, fruit leather, and ferrofluids: Challenges to managing a materials library in the Middle East”, by Richard Lombard and Amy Andreas address the complexity of developing and running a Materials Library (ML) in Middle East. Due to the geographically sensitive location of…

The Purpose Of Libraries Nowadays

In today’s society, people often associate libraries with words such as “boring”, “dull” “unnecessary”. They often think, “Why bother visiting the library when there is Google, right?” Instantly at our fingertips, Google is a time efficient research tool, while on the other hand, one has…

How To Succeed As A Solo Librarian

Almost 50 librarians from education, legal, university colleges, industry and government libraries took part in our Melbourne National Liberty User Group Conference and Masterclass in late August with some taking the opportunity to visit the MCC library. They all had a great time and we…

The Role Of Managers/Supervisors In The Success Of The Library Functioning

“Many libraries operate in a placid-clustered environment, which is where goals are primarily long term, but the organization must quickly adjust the goals when external factors warrant”. Management/supervisory roles add value to the organization’s goals by successfully making sure their branch provides external factors to…

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