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Why Life Skills Should Be Taught In School

Young adults often have a lot to learn in school. However, occasionally, the life skills needed for them to become successful outside of school aren’t learned. This may be why the years promptly ensuing high school can sometimes be the most uneasy and tense times...

Defining the Fundamentality of Study Skills

Study Skills are an assortment of capacities which handle the route toward dealing with and taking in new information, holding information, or overseeing evaluations. Study capacities, academic bent, or study strategies are procedures applied to learning. Even more broadly, any bent which lifts a person’s...

Academic Competence and Development of Study Skills

Study skills are essential to succeed in academic competence. Positive outcomes across different academic subjects and success in later life are linked to effective study skills. (Gettinger, Maribeth, Seibert, Jill K., School Psychology Review, 2002, Vol.31 Issue 3, p.350) Study skills progress and developed through...

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