Four Key Communication Related Aspects Which Improve The Communication Skills In Written

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This report covers four key communication related aspects which improve the communication skills in written. The aspects covered in this report are advice letter, movie review, personal profile and recipe. These four are examples on how written communication can be used in different situations.

Advice Letter and Problem Letter

The below mentioned letter of advice is regard to review of new business plan for ABC Ltd from a consultant.

Letter of Advice

ABC Bank

No: 21

Main Street

Colombo 2

15th July 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Proposed Business Plan

As the consultant for ABC Bank, I went through the business plan which mainly focuses on entering in to the international market as proposed as India by January of 2020. The proposed strategies are sound good, however I have some issues and doubts in regards to the implementation of the strategies in new market. Therefore, I would like to take the attention of board of directors and I would advise to refer the below mentioned conditions and implications before go with the implementation of the business plan for India.

According to the proposed business plan, there are only 1 year and 6 months to plan for the implementation as by January 2020 the branch of ABC ban should be open. As per my views I believe that 18 months is not enough to implement a branch in new country because starting up a branch in new international market is risky it should undergo various processes and steps to implement the business plan for new branch. Therefore, my advice is to extend the branch opening at least by 6 months as there are various things to be done in regards to the branch opening.

If the board of directors needs to implement the plan by the proposed date, then the market entry strategy should be changed instead of going for foreign direct investment strategy. Because of the Indian market is not similar as Sri Lanka where the environmental and economic factors can be different. Therefore, it is advised to go for a new market entry strategy if the branch needs to be opened in proposed date.

To identify the impact and influences from the socio-cultural and local economic factors prevailing in India, it is recommended to appoint a person or entity which is based on India or International entity to conduct a comprehensive market and environmental analysis with the demand factors for the banking services.

The operational and administration requirements should be fulfilled mainly from India as the branch is opened in India. Therefore, before the 3 months of the launch at lease, the employees and staff to conduct the banking activities should be recruited from India. However, the top positions of Indian branch should be filled by Sri Lankan managers as the new branch should operate by adhering to the corporate culture of ABC Bank. I also wish to advice on administration expenses to maintain at low level as much as possible due to risk factors. However, a good advertising and promotional campaign should be conducted at least for 1 year from commencing operations.

These are main problems and concerns I identify from the proposed business plan. If you wish to obtain more information and recommendations on the plan, please do not hesitate to contact me. Wish you good luck in your new initiative



J. P Perera


Movie Review

This section covers a movie review. The selected movie is Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift

Ice Age Continental Drift

Ice Age is a famous 3D computer-animated comedy adventure movie directed by Steve Martino and Michael Thurmeier. The film is produced by Blue Sky Studies (Ice Age Movies, 2018). Ice

Age is a brand name in animated movies and it’s a film series. The movie review is for its 4th movie which is Ice Age Continental Drift.

Story – It is the story about what Manny, Diego and Sid breaks away from their continents and sails in the ocean on an in iceberg. Will they reunite with their families and friends is a question to answer at the end.

Review – The fourth series of the movie is about love in the air for almost all the main characters in the movie. Peaches is in love with Ethan and Louise is in love with Peaches. Diego is in love with Shira. And of course, should not to forget Sid and his grandmother. You will be in love with all of them for sure at the end.

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This time the director and creators tries something new which are not seen in previous three films such as adventure in ocean. The director uses the sailing in ocean in ice berg to meet new characters to the existing characters such as Shira, Captain Gutt and Sid’s grandmother.

Pros – The movie has various plus points such as excellent animation, plenty of adventurers and a catchy song and dance number and familiar characters and introduction of new characters related to the existing ones. In regards to the technical aspects, the movie has done a brilliant job as the animation work is up to the good levels. The vocals of famous artists Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Peter Dinklage, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Wedge and others are plus points for the movie. Though the movie has scenes on pirates they are not actually indicate the violence.

The movie gives good messages such as not giving up, being with friends and loved ones no matter what situation comes and value of relationships. It is a family movie for all members in the family

Cons – The movie seems to have formulaic storyline and diminishing returns as adults will not accept the movie as the previous ones. The sexual contents in here and there in the movie in several scenes might not work well for the kids and children, which is one minus point to the movie.

The movie can be rated using the following aspects.

Direction 3/5

Personal Profile

This section covers the personal profile of well-known personality.

Sir Richard Branson is one of key business leaders in the world and his successful leadership is an example for many organizations, managers and future leaders. Richard Branson is an investor, author and philanthropist. He is famous as the founder of Virgin Group which one of the largest group of companies in the world as it has more than 400 companies under the control of Virgin group (The Guardian). Richard Branson becomes an entrepreneur at the age of 16 by staring up the magazine called, ‘Student’. Then he proceeded with mail-order record business which resulted in opening chain of record stores called Virgin records. Later, Richard Branson’s Virgin brand achieved significant growth and in 1980s he was able to start up the Virgin Atlantic airline and expanded Virgin Records music label. He is popular in corporate world for his taste for adventure and humanitarian work. Today, he is worth of US $ 5.1 billion as per Schawbel (2014).

Early Life

Richard Branson was born in 1950 in London as the eldest in the family. Richard Branson’s early education life was not successful as his business carrier as he suffered from dyslexia. Therefore he has poor academic performance. Luckily his parents were supportive for him to fulfill his future endeavors. His mother becomes his role model as she was successful in running business ventures.

Her entrepreneurial life was an inspiration for Richard Branson to start his record business.

Carrier and Business ventu res

Mike Oldfield was the first artist on Virgin Records in 1973 whose song was an instant hit and remained in UK charts for 247 weeks. Using Mike Oldfield’s success, Branson took the opportunity to sign with other bands and musical groups under his label. Today, Virgin music is placed at top six record companies in the world. In 1980, Voyager Group travel company and in

1984 Virgin Atlantic airline became key milestones in Branson’s business career. Today, Virgin Group is operating in 35 countries with more than 70,000 employees.

Leadership of Branson

The leadership attributes and qualities of Richard Branson have inspired many people as he is considered as one of the top successful leaders in business world. He has several key qualities in his leadership. One is passion for impact. Branson believes his own ideas and he aims at working on them. The second key quality is the positive corporate culture. He has created fun filled working environment which is his corporate culture. He is always willing to listen and learn. He has the rule of teamwork and talent. He encourages team work at his organizations and he believes that team working is more result oriented. On the other hand he is very concerned on employees and he always provides benefits to employees and always thinks about employees by identifying their value. Therefore, he becomes successful in managing people and business.

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Once it baked, the sides need to remove from the cake pan and transfer it into separate tray to cool


Chocolate needs to place in a bowl

Put the cream in a saucepan and heat it using medium temperature. Remove it when it is ready to simmering and avoid from it getting boiled. Then pour cream over the chocolate and shake it until all the chocolate submerge under the cream and cover the bowl and keep aside nearly 5 minutes.

Then chocolate need to stir until it become smooth and keep it in the fridge for 45 minutes to 1 hour

Take out from the fridge and spread it over the baked cake in top and sides and ready to serve

Recipe Notes

Do not use eating chocolate as dark chocolate to make the cake

Normal while or granulated sugar also can use

The standard usual size per service is 159 gram. It includes 640 calories, total fat of 38 gram, cholesterol 92 mile gram, sodium 176 mile gram, potassium 263 mile gram, total carbohydrates 71.4 gram and protein 7.5 gram.

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