Essay Samples on Diversity

The Reasons for Attraction of Cultural Relativism

Cultural relativism maintains that moral standards are relative to culture, much like the diverse norms of etiquette one can see across different cultures. According to this view, the very fact that something is accepted by the majority in a society makes it morally correct. I…

Embodiment of Globalisation in the Modern World

Varying and abundant, today’s problems are often complex in nature. Many of these problems are more difficult to address than others due to the intensifying heterogeneous nature of societies which results in various stances on goal-formulation, problem-definition, and equity issues (Rittel & Webber, 1973). The…

The Act of Segregation in the West Africa

A land whose ancestors have no barrier in race have engage in the act of segregating each other, a puzzle one could hardly believe does exist in Africa. My name is Sia Jimissa, I originate from Kono, eastern region of Sierra Leone a country in…

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