Balinese Culture With Indian Cuisine

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Chai’ba is a restaurant and bar that combines Balinese culture with Indian cuisine. Their variety ranges from kebabs to biryani to salads with paneer and of course vegan and gluten-free options too – simply delish! To top it all off, Chai’ba serves a range of different cocktails. All in all, with the ambiance of the restaurant, its appetizing food diversity and choice of indoor and outdoor seating to serve individual needs, Chai’ba will definitely be a favourite.The Royal Kitchen Bali prides itself on its authenticity and its specialisation in food served to the Maharajas (Kings) and Maharanis (Queens) of their history. Serving North Indian cuisines fit for kings and queens, The Royal Kitchen’s chefs are also from North India. This place not only has a wide range of North Indian food, but it also serves Chinese food, providing a perfect mix for your palate. If you are in Bali and want to have a meal fit for a king, then roll out the red carpet and head to The Royal Kitchen!

Curry in Bali is a South Indian Kerala restaurant that ensures its patrons an unforgettable experience. Ranging from chicken tikka salad to dosai to crab pepper fry and vegetarian dishes. Together with their food presentation, it is definitely a restaurant that crafts their dishes to perfection. Be sure to try their Curry in Bali specials on their menu like the CIB Special Biryani (Fish and Prawn). Curry in Bali assures its patrons an unforgettable culinary journey!Spice Mantraa guarantees you will taste the colourful nation from which the menu originates!

Their menu offers cuisines with a contemporary twist, for instance, their smoked Butter chicken takes a different approach to the classic butter chicken in Indian restaurants with its smoked infused butter – yummy. Spice Mantraa’s interior is decorated with spices; contemporary nouveau food paired with contemporary design creates a pretty perfect ambiance!Nu Delhi’s menu has nothing short of the classic luscious Indian cuisines. With an array of curries, bread, and snacks, Nu Delhi’s fusion dishes gives it an extra edge. Its Indian-Chinese dishes such as Chilli Paneer and Honey Chilli Potato is cooked with Chinese sauce and sweet and sour sauce. Great news for pure vegetarians – Nu Delhi has a separate kitchen just for vegetarian dishes – double delish!

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Ganesha Ek Sanskriti Translates to Ganesha – a culture. This restaurant serves both North and South Indian cuisines with vegetarian options. Serves lunch, high tea, and dinner. Ganesha Ek Sanskriti’s definitely has a holistic authentic approach. As authentic as their dishes are to be, so is their interior décor! On that account, allow yourself to completely immerse in the culture of India with the mouth-watering food and original India decor. After the scrumptious meal, grab a cold beer to wash it down from their beverage menu!Atithi literally translates to the guest. Indulge in a delightful experience with Atithi – where the restaurant follows an Indian tradition of ‘Atithi devo bhava’, a place where every guest is treated as God. A carefully created menu by Atithi’s chefs assures that you will find cuisines suited to individual palate. Together with their live Indian music, treat yourself to a gratifyingly divine experience at Atithi!

Bangle Bali restaurant provides for your taste buds as well as your sight. Bangle Bali follows the concept of bangles with their colourful spices, holistic experience and lively ambiance with their stage performances. Be entertained by their colourful performances while you enjoy and savour your meal. With their award-winning North Indian cuisine, that emphasises on health-based Indian cooking (with less oil) you’d be sure to leave there feeling satisfied. Bangle Bali also has a Chinese menu, perfect for those wanting the best of both worlds! Indian Delites, one of Bali Indian food groups’ branches, would be perfect for anyone missing the taste of India.

Since 1998, Bali Indian food is the largest chain of authentic Indian food. All together they have five branches which means wherever you are in Bali, it is pretty convenient to stop by at one of their restaurants. They serve North Indian, South Indian and Jain food with a variety of chicken, prawn, lamb, and vegetarian dishes filling their menu. Paired together with their scenic view in the alfresco dining area, Indian Delites would leave you completely satiated.Love seafood? Love Indian food? Then Queen’s Tandoor is another place to visit for Indian food in Bali. Their main focus being seafood, Queen’s tandoor Indian cuisines also include tandoori dishes and South Indian cuisine. The eatery flaunts a chic contemporary design with the choice of air-conditioning or alfresco dining areas. If you are traveling with kids, fret not, because Queens Tandoor even has a kids’ menu!

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